Knitting with pleasure: courses from professionals

Create masterpieces with your own hands and have fun!

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About us

We are a group of experienced carpenters who love their craft and love to share our knowledge and experience. Our goal is to help those who want to learn to sew and create beautiful things with their own hands. Here you'll find masterclasses for artists and advanced programmers, as well as relevant information on tools and equipment.



Experienced teachers

all our workshops are conducted by professional needleworkers with extensive experience in this field


Useful materials

we provide not only video tutorials, but also detailed instructions and diagrams, as well as a list of necessary materials and tools


Flexible schedule

you can choose a convenient time and place to study knitting with our master classes


Affordable prices

we offer high-quality master classes at an affordable price


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Knitting basics


learn the basics of knitting and create simple items such as a scarf or earrings

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Crochet for beginners


learn all about crochet and create your first toy or napkin

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Crocheting a cardigan


for advanced craftsmen who want to learn how to create complex things

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Knitting toys out of wool


create fun toys for children and adults, using the technique of felting out of wool

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Why buy our courses?

Our team focuses on practice and will teach you how to create beautiful things with your own hands. You will get useful knowledge that you can use both in everyday life and when presenting your products to family and friends. Our workshops are an opportunity to unleash your creativity and enjoy the process of creating something new.

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If you have any questions or would like to sign up for workshops, email us

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